Welcome to the first in a series of blog posts highlighting members of Peach’s leadership team. Today we’re featuring Dave Waller, our VP of Enterprise Sales, who brings 30 years of experience helping financial institutions and technology companies navigate digital transformation initiatives.

“Legacy loan servicing technology is impeding innovation in lending, plain and simple,” Dave told us. “This has created one of the biggest challenges—and also one of the biggest opportunities—in financial services today. The good news is that modern technology providers like Peach are helping financial institutions of all sizes capitalize on current lending trends. I’m excited to be part of a team that’s helping financial institutions make up for lost time.”

Dave’s presence at Peach is valuable in part because he’s an expert in helping enterprise-scale clients think through digital transformation challenges. Prior to Peach, Dave spent more than five years at Q2, where he helped banks and credit unions transform their customer journeys into world-class experiences. He’s also enjoyed successful stints at a number of other enterprise software companies within financial services.

“Banks and credit unions are critical to the U.S. economy and need modern technology to maintain forward momentum,” Dave said. “Over the years, I’ve enjoyed helping many  institutions find their biggest opportunities for differentiation. Great ideas exist within every financial institution, and technology can be the great enabler.”

Eddie Oistacher, Peach CEO, added: “We’ve positioned Peach to solve really crucial problems for banks and credit unions. Our consultative sales approach is a strength of our team—we seek to understand what’s limiting our clients’ lending ambitions. Our collective experience and expertise then allow us to offer solutions that are game-changers for clients. We’re lucky to have Dave leading our critical work with banks and credit unions.”

The financial institutions we speak with often see lending programs as their most profitable opportunity. But these programs are notoriously difficult to stand up—in large part because of legacy technology that wasn’t built for modern use cases. This often means losing valuable market share.

Peach provides a modern lending ledger that allows financial institutions to develop and quickly launch new lending products like BNPL. We’re a cloud-based application with robust APIs that are usable by any modern application, including lenders’ existing infrastructure. Peach is designed to integrate seamlessly with the software and vendors already being used.

Peach includes powerful servicing technology optimized for digital engagement. With our white-label borrower portal, borrowers can quickly and easily make and schedule payments—and conduct other account activities—on any device. Meanwhile, agents can use Peach to handle a wide variety of servicing use cases, including complex, regulation-driven loan modifications like SCRA and deferrals. 

Lending technology is complex. So is playing the organ…and Dave happens to be an expert on both! He hopes to play the organ at Wrigley Field someday, and he’d also love to chat with you if you’re thinking about launching a new lending program. Send him a note at info@peachfinance.com.